So much of what we do at Waycross relies on a network of strong volunteers to help us host our Conference Center guests. Guest hosts do so much to keep the hospitality of Waycross at an exceptional level. (Essentially, you help create the magic that IS Waycross.) There is a lot to learn! Please check out this PDF on what guest hosting involves and know that we would love to have you come help for a weekend, or more, until you feel completely comfortable hosting a group on your own. If you are interested in joining our program, please fill out the short form below.


Check out volunteer weekends here. This will be updated as we schedule events.


Alumni Work Camp is an opportunity for any alumni of Waycross (21+) to come back and work together to continue to improve and maintain camp. Proposed work for this year involves deck work on both the Mara and Baughman's houses, Retreat house projects, painting, garden work, and many other projects. The weekends this year will be April 5-7, 12-14, and 26-28. Please note these are not three consecutive weekends like in previous years, AWC will not be running Easter weekend.