SUMMER CAMP PHYSICAL ADDRESS                                                                        7363 Bear Creek Road                                                                                                      Morgantown, IN 46160

CONFERENCE CENTER PHYSICAL ADDRESS                                                            4879 Richards Road                                                                                                       Morgantown, IN 46160

***Busses should park for loading and unloading near the Conference Center.  The camp entrance is not wide enough for motor coaches. 


From the north through Indianapolis:  Take I-465 to State Road (SR) 37 South toward Bloomington.  Just north of Martinsville, turn left (east) on SR 252 to Morgantown.  In Morgantown at the stop sign, turn right (south) on SR 135.  Follow SR 135 toward Bean Blossom.  Just before the road closed sign take right onto Railroad Road.  Follow Railroad Road  several windy miles to a stop sign.  Go straight at the stop sign and continue to follow SR 45 through Helmsburg. Take sharp right onto Branstetter Road(turns into Bear Creek Road). Follow for 2.7 miles to Waycross. Waycross will be on your right.

From the southwest through Evansville and Bloomington:  Take State Road (SR) 57 from Evansville northeast to Washington and turn right (east) on U.S. Highway 50.  Follow U.S. 50 to Bedford.  Just before Bedford, U.S. 50 becomes a 4 lane highway and also is joined by SR 37.  Before Bedford, take the SR 37 North exit toward Bloomington and Indianapolis.  Follow SR 37 to Bloomington.  Turn right on State Road 46 (the last Bloomington exit) and follow SR 46 around Bloomington to SR 45 North.  (The first time you see a sign for SR 45 will be while you are still on SR 37--don't take that exit).  Turn left onto SR 45 North and follow it to Trevlac.  At the sharp right curve in Trevlac, turn left (it's more like going straight instead of taking the curve) and drive up over the railroad track.   Just over the railroad tracks, the road curves left and then a short distance further, North Shore Drive turns to the left and Bear Creek Road goes straight.  Stay straight on Bear Creek Road.  Directional signs in the area point the way to Waycross.  The signs for Lutheran Hills Camp, Walnut Hills Retreat, and Gallahue Girl Scout Camp also point in the right direction.  Follow Bear Creek Road to the first stop sign at Branstetter Road, then go left following Bear Creek Road.

From the Southeast through New Albany and Jeffersonville:  Take I-65 North to the State Road (SR) 46 exit at Columbus.  Take SR 46 west toward Nashville.  In Nashville at the second traffic light, turn right (north) on SR 135 which goes through downtown Nashville.  Follow SR 135 to Bean Blossom.  Turn left onto SR 45 in Bean Blossom just past St. David's Episcopal Church.  Follow SR 45 to the stop sign at the railroad tracks.  Turn left at the stop sign and continue to follow SR 45 through Helmsburg.  About two miles past Helmsburg, SR 45 makes a sharp left curve.  At that curve, look for the Waycross sign and turn right onto Branstetter Road and follow it about one-fourth mile to a stop sign at Bear Creek Road.  Go straight at the stop sign onto Bear Creek Road.


Follow Bear Creek Road about three miles to Waycross (the last part is gravel).  Landmarks include Lutheran Hills Camp on the right and then the entrance to Dudley Gallahue Valley Camp on the left.

When you arrive at Waycross, follow the signs to the facility hosting your event.  You will find directional signs for the Retreat House, Youth Lodge, Camp, Assembly Building, Conference Center and office.  You are welcome to drive directly to your meeting location or check in at the office.

BACK WAY TO WAYCROSS--SHORTER BUT ON COUNTY ROADS: (Not recommended during inclement weather.)

South on 37 to Martinsville.

At the Bigfoot Shell, turn left onto Mahalasville Road.

Stay on Mahalasville Road through Mahalasville. Cross the bridge and follow the road about a quarter mile.  When Mahalasville Road curves sharply to the left, turn right onto Bear Wallow Road.  (It will look like a T in the road.)

Follow Bear Wallow to Waycross.  It will turn to gravel when you cross the county line.  You will pass Bear Lake on your right about a mile from Waycross.  At the "T" intersection near Waycross you will see the Waycross signs.  Turn left and come to the office at the Conference Center or right to go to camp.

It's about 12 miles from the Bigfoot Shell to Waycross.