Physical Examination Report by a Medical Professional

This form must be filled out by a medical professional. One must be renewed within 12 months of your camper's camp session.

Additionally, this information is confidential and will only be shared with counselors and other staff members on an as needed basis. The camp nurse or camp administrator may contact the parent/guardian to follow up on concerns or for clarification

Packing List

This is a list of everything your camper should need for camp. Feel free to add on to the list to fit your child's needs!

Camp Handbook

Our camp handbook has a lot of important information in it. PLEASE READ IT, as it will answer most of the questions you may have. Please note that we update it every year and it is important to review in case of any changes to previous policy.

We know that you might have a lot of questions about camp! The answers to many of your questions are probably found by downloading our Family Handbook. We have included the answers to many common questions below.

Still can’t find an answer? We are more than happy to help! Contact our office at 812-597-4241 or email

Camp FQA


We have many staff positions each summer. Information about position duties and availability will be updated when the 2020 information becomes avaliable. To apply, create an account then find the application for the position you're applying. This will allow you to complete the application at your pace, as you can close it and open it again later. In addition to your application we have a reference form we would like you to send to your references and then submit to us. 

Staff Applications