Executive Director Search Profile


Lent II, 2018

Dear Waycross Community,

In August, 2017, then Board President Denyse Palmer announced the retirement of Van Beers as Executive Director after ten years of service.  Throughout the fall, at Family Camp, Diocesan Convention, and the Annual Board Retreat, we celebrated the many gifts that Van has given us over the years.  We continue to hold him in our thoughts and prayers as he begins this next part of his journey.

In September, the Board met with Bishop Jennifer and representatives from ECCC (Episcopal Camps and Conference Centers) to discuss the search process for our next Executive Director.  We agreed that the Listening Sessions the bishop had scheduled throughout the diocese and the report thereon that she made to convention should be an integral part of our search profile (please see a copy posted on our website, www.waycrossccc.org).  In October, the Search Committee was formed.  It is comprised of lay and clergy members of the Diocese of Indianapolis and Waycross community. As camper alumni and retreat leaders, camper parents and board members, we have both long-term and recent experience and commitment to the Waycross mission, and an investment in its future.  In December the profile was published and we began receiving resumes of candidates for the position.

I am pleased to report we have heard from ten interested candidates from across the country.  The committee has met to review the resumes and determine with whom we would like to conduct phone interviews in early March.  Our goal is to invite the top candidate(s) to visit Waycross this spring to meet with the bishop, board, and staff.  After the visits, the search committee will make a final recommendation to the bishop with a proposed Letter of Agreement. Please feel free to email us at waycrosstransition@gmail.com with any questions you may have about the process.

We are encouraged by the quality of the candidates who have offered themselves for consideration as the next Executive Director of Waycross.  As was mentioned in the Bishop IX process, we are now entering the “quiet period” where the Search Committee members will do our best to align the gifts of the candidates with the needs of Waycross.

We give thanks for your support of Waycross and bid your continued prayers for this important work.  We look forward to sharing the fruits of this labor with an announcement later this spring.


Members of the Waycross Executive Director Search Committee

Natalie Weir, Chair

Erica Jeglum

The Rev. Rick Krautz

Rose Lane

The Rev. C. Davies Reed, chaplain

The Rt. Rev. Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows, ex-officio


Click here for the Executive Director Search Profile.

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